Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Monique Weight Loss Diet: Its role in Fighting the Fat

The Monique weight loss diet is one of the latest programs that address the considerable concerns that people possess when it comes to their specific weight issues. An excess amount of weight is a harbinger of possible diseases and restricted physical mobility. No one wants to spend most of his / her life grappling with a number of health related concerns as a result of an excess amount of weight. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions to this potentially serious problem and the Monique weight loss diet plan is one of them. The plan covers a variety of points and strategies that is specifically designed to ease you into an effective weight loss journey. This specific approach towards re – tooling your food consumption allows you to establish a critical balance that curbs your appetite in a sustainable manner and prevents the weight from creeping back in an unexpected manner. 

A lack of technical knowledge: 

Part of the problem that several people face over the course of their weight loss journey is the significant lack of awareness in terms of the steps that need to be taken to successfully keep the pounds away indefinitely. 
a) The Monique weight loss diet finds a way around this specific issue by employing a team of professionals who take care of your essential nutritional needs and exercise concerns. 
b) Chefs and nutritionists come together to create a balanced and nutritious meal plan that can readily be sustained over a protracted duration of time. 
c) Professional trainers create a program that takes into account the food consumption trends that of people who are on the Monique weight loss diet. A proper exercise regimen is established that takes into account the physical capabilities and limitations of each participant. 
The question of cost: 
Part of the problem that people face is this false idea that surrounds an effective weight loss program. The misconceptions surrounding cost effective weight loss plans are numerous. 
a) A great deal of things has been stated regarding the ability to lose weight and boost an individual’s physical performance at the same time. 
b) Some people see the prospect of consuming healthier food options as a costly affair and choose to down junk food items that are wholly devoid of nutritional content. 
c) The main point that needs to be at constant play is the consumption of quality food items over a volume of filling but nutritionally deficient food substitutes. 
d) The Monique weight loss diet does entail a specific amount of cost but a level of practicality is constantly present. As a result the proper balance between cost concerns, effective delivery of meal and exercise plans, and overall satisfaction among the participants is readily established. 

The Monique weight loss diet plan and motivation: 

Frequently, people grapple with a severe erosion of motivation towards the later stages of an exercise or diet plan. A system in the Monique diet plan prevents people from succumbing into this trend. Proper controls prevent dropout occurrences in participants and boost improvement and physical rewards. 
a) The Monique diet plan immediately utilizes a personalized plan of approach that is responsive towards every client’s goals and objectives. 
b) The sessions start with a consultation session where every expectation is laid out and steps are discussed to ensure that the end results are obtained within a specific frame of time. 
c) Every detail involved in the plan established during the consultation sessions are put into place with one objective in mind: to satisfy the client. The Monique weight loss diet ensures that you get to acquire the results that you’ve always wanted to obtain without having to go through an illogical amount of compromising and dissatisfaction over the course of the process. 

The question of time: 

It is a plain fact that people need to invest a specific amount of time and resources to acquire the body that they’ve long wanted to achieve. The Monique weight loss diet is a plan that requires a sense of commitment from every participant. 
a) During the consultation sessions, the client is briefed on the proper management of his / her time to accommodate the various requirements of the Monique weight loss diet. 
b) An exercise schedule is immediately established that takes into account the general rhythms that are necessary to maintaining a client’s specific lifestyle. 
c) Meals are discussed and set according to a specific schedule. Each client’s meal plan abides by a schedule in an attempt to introduce a form of discipline and dedication to the whole operation. 


A successful weight loss plan involved proper progress tracking methods. The Monique weight loss diet plan implements this with prominence 
a) Every client is required to keep a journal. 
b) The effects and progress acquired through the exercise regimen and meal plans are recorded on a regular basis. 
c) Photos are taken on a monthly basis to help track the physical progress of each client. 
d) The material gathered through all of the documentation methods that are utilized shall be used to alter or intensify the exercise routines that are used in the program. 

The Monique weight loss diet is not a magic pill that claims to dissipate all that excess fat within a compressed amount of time. What the plan does offer, however, is a scientific approach that specifically responds to every client’s needs and preferences in an efficient and sustainable manner. Essentially, the program rests on a number of principles to carry out all of its related goals and objectives. 
The program ensures that every person gets to maintain a heightened sense of energy and vigor over the course of its execution in spite of the sudden introduction of methods that have been largely absent from the participant’s routine. Every concern is addressed and resolved including the client’s need to perform at a certain level of productivity over the course of a normal working day. A monitoring system is in place to ensure that none of the program’s participants fall off the wagon in an unwanted manner. Once certain issues and difficulties have been detected, the proper alterations are made to strengthen the client’s progress rate in an effective manner. The level of intensity increases as the exercise programs evolve. This ensures that the body doesn’t plateau and every goal is realized. 

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weight Loss: The Venus Factor Fat Loss System

Weight loss has been a problem to many people over time and it has been a painful journey to a majority of them as they spend countless hours and money on the internet looking for that miracle cure. Well most of these programs work for some time and mostly for men but what about the women? Women have struggled to lose that extra pound with failure after failure every time they try something new most of which involves a lot of strict dieting and vigorous exercise. What is the problem? The women are approaching it all wrong! Men and women have different body mechanisms which respond differently in stimulating conditions; therefore, women should stop working out and dieting like men and follow a more tailored system designed for their own body systems. That’s why today I will introduce the Venus System for women and men who have family members or spouses with weight problems. 

Venus System

The Venus Factor Fat Loss System was developed by John Barban an expert in physiology, nutrition and biology who graduated with a Masters in nutrition and human biology with the help of his friend Brad Pilon. The effects are permanent and it is just fun going through this program where terms like food restrictions and painful workouts do not exist. How amazing is that? Most weight loss plans have left most of their subscribers with bitterness and are known to have among other outcomes; a fat storage metabolism that is slow or damaged leading to uncontrollable cravings for food as well as fatigue or reduced vigor and annoying sagging skin. The Venus Factor combines both exercise and nutrition principles specific for the female body and can be used even without going through the entire the work out plan simply by improving your metabolism. 

So what is the Venus System?

The Venus Factor is an easy to practice online 12 week program designed for all women with no age limitations. Once you subscribe into the program you get several materials that are easily downloadable to take you through a step by step weight loss plan. A complete guideline of foods that you should eat and the combination of exercises to give you more desired results are all part of the package. Everything is customized according to the individual’s needs based on their body measurements, weight and height. The Venus Index is provided to calculate crucial ratios for different women body sizes especially the waist-to-height-ratio which is the most important. The Venus Index is used to estimate the following ratios to help women calculate their ideal body size and shape:
If you are 65 inches tall then your WHR, HWR and SWR will be…..
HWR (Height to Waist Ratio) – to find out the ideal waist measurement for your body just multiply the height measurement in inches by 0.38 because your ideal weight according to the study carried out during the conception of this marvelous fitness program found out that your waist should be 38% of your height. Therefore for our example case the ideal HWR would be 0.38 * 65 = 24.7 or 25.
WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio) – to get your ideal hip measurement requires you to multiply the waist proportions from the HWR by 1.42. This will give you 25 * 1.42 = 35.5 or 35
SWR (Shoulder to Waist Ratio) – the shoulder to waist ratio on the other hand depends on your ideal WHR results and uses the ideal hip measurement which is multiplied by 1.618. This therefore means that with an ideal hip circumference of 35, your ideal circumference of the shoulder area should be 35 * 1.618 = 56.63. 
Leptin is the hormone that controls both men and women’s fat burning process. The Venus Factor is intended to use this combination of knowledge in helping women burn more fat naturally since it has been proven through scientific research that Leptin in the female body exists in almost double amounts compared to men. 

Leptin and Women Body Fat

It is very important that a few facts about Leptin and how it affects the metabolism in women are outlined to help you know how the Venus factor system works. First of all we know now that women have twice the amount of Leptin compared to men and this works both to their advantage and disadvantage in several ways. Although it is relatively good news to have these amounts of Leptin in their system, women struggle more with weight loss and burning excess fat because of the following reasons:
Women can have their Leptin level drop twice as fast as men and by twice the quantity when on a diet. This drop causes your metabolism to slow down considerably thus more fat is stored instead of being expelled.Secondly many women suffer a condition known as “Leptin Resistance” which means that women do not maximize the fat burning potential and loosing this fat therefore becomes a nightmare! The Venus System Leptin Diet Recommendation.
What a person eats is just as important as when they eat and the main secret of this diet is to give the body less food to generate more energy. It is basically a good eating lifestyle formulated from the Leptin studies’ results. The five rules that every Venus Factor system subscriber should follow religiously for quality and fast results include:
a) Including protein foods in your breakfast
b) Giving yourself an 11 – 12 hour break between dinner and breakfast
c) Eating dinner 3 hours before going to bed
d) Eating small meals
e) At least have 3 square meals a day
f) Eat less foods that have high carbohydrates 

Scientific Facts behind the Leptin Diet Plan Leptin does more fat burning during the night and that is why eating after dinner is not advised.Protein rich breakfasts increases the body’s metabolism for the next 12 hours by up to 30% therefore it is advised to include more cottage cheese and eggs for your breakfast.Carbohydrates only increase your metabolism by a mere 4% and therefore less quantity should be consumed especially if you are over 40 years. You should have 6 hours breaks between meals (3 meals daily) to give the liver to clear triglycerides. Snacking between meals confuses your body and causes a Leptin malfunction. 

Summary of the Venus System

The Venus Factor System is a full package that helps the subscribers to easily go through the program.
When you buy the weight loss system you get access to the main PDF manual called The Venus Factor – 12 Fat Loss System (84 pages), a workout PDF, Videos, Podcasts and a virtual nutritionist with a calories calculator. Also included here is access to an immersion community of other women with similar body weight problems to support and motivate each other. Choose what you crave but make sure the foods combined are balanced for the right outcome. Instead of doing away with some foods completely you can have portions of your favorite bites in controlled amounts. It requires a lot of discipline to follow this program keenly but the benefits are simply wonderful. The correct implementation of the Venus Factor system guides you to proper exercising and eating habits to effective reverse the buildup of Leptin Resistance.  

Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Convenient & Simple Proper Diet Plan to Lose Weight in Two Weeks

A proper diet plan to lose weight can help you overcome your weight loss plateau, so you should try this rapid diet plan recommended by Dr. Oz, which could help you shed those extra pounds in just 2 weeks. If you find it hard to control your cravings, all you need to do is start eating healthy food, including limited quantities of protein and low-glycemic vegetables. In no time, your body will gain a healthy start to the year. Moreover, you can even automate and prep all of these meals, so you will not have to spend too much time in the kitchen in order to drop pounds.

1.What to Eat?

As soon as you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do after you have brushed your teeth is drink a cup of hot water containing half a lemon.

A. Breakfast smoothie:

For breakfast, you should blend together half a banana, half a cup of frozen berries, one cup of sweetened almond vanilla milk, and two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds and rice powder protein. You can prepare this smoothie with any desired consistency.

Throughout the day, you can eat and drink the following:


Each day, you can eat half a cup of cooked brown rice, but make sure you do not have any other carbohydrates or starches.


Each day, you can eat half a cup of 2% plain Greek yogurt, but make sure you do not have any other dairy products.

Green tea: It is better if you drink organic green tea.

Protein: Each day, you can eat a single 6-ounce serving of any meat, such as chicken, fish or turkey.


You can moderately consume good fats, such as avocado and olive oil.


Whenever you are in the mood for a snack, you can eat a few handful of nuts, hummus, and/or pickles.


You can eat as many low-glycemic vegetables as you want, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, beans, eggplant, greens, onions, peppers, tomato, and many more.

2.What Not To Eat When On This Proper Diet Plan To Lose Weight?

When following this rapid diet plan, make sure you avoid eating any of the following as well:

b.Artificial sweeteners, even diet sodas
c.Caffeine, apart from green tea
d.Dairy products, apart from Greek yogurt
f.White sugar

Perhaps the most convenient aspect of this diet plan is that you do not need to do additional exercise, unless you really want to. However, you must also make sure that you do not eat any meals between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.


When on this proper diet plan to lose weight, you should also take a half a multivitamin in the morning and at night and a probiotic in the morning. You should also take a bath every night in water containing one cup of baking soda and two cups of Epsom salt in order to detoxify your body. Hopefully, within the next two weeks you will notice positive results in the form of reduced weight, and you can even continue carry on with this diet plan if you need to lose more weight.