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Weight Loss: The Venus Factor Fat Loss System

Weight loss has been a problem to many people over time and it has been a painful journey to a majority of them as they spend countless hours and money on the internet looking for that miracle cure. Well most of these programs work for some time and mostly for men but what about the women? Women have struggled to lose that extra pound with failure after failure every time they try something new most of which involves a lot of strict dieting and vigorous exercise. What is the problem? The women are approaching it all wrong! Men and women have different body mechanisms which respond differently in stimulating conditions; therefore, women should stop working out and dieting like men and follow a more tailored system designed for their own body systems. That’s why today I will introduce the Venus System for women and men who have family members or spouses with weight problems. 

Venus System

The Venus Factor Fat Loss System was developed by John Barban an expert in physiology, nutrition and biology who graduated with a Masters in nutrition and human biology with the help of his friend Brad Pilon. The effects are permanent and it is just fun going through this program where terms like food restrictions and painful workouts do not exist. How amazing is that? Most weight loss plans have left most of their subscribers with bitterness and are known to have among other outcomes; a fat storage metabolism that is slow or damaged leading to uncontrollable cravings for food as well as fatigue or reduced vigor and annoying sagging skin. The Venus Factor combines both exercise and nutrition principles specific for the female body and can be used even without going through the entire the work out plan simply by improving your metabolism. 

So what is the Venus System?

The Venus Factor is an easy to practice online 12 week program designed for all women with no age limitations. Once you subscribe into the program you get several materials that are easily downloadable to take you through a step by step weight loss plan. A complete guideline of foods that you should eat and the combination of exercises to give you more desired results are all part of the package. Everything is customized according to the individual’s needs based on their body measurements, weight and height. The Venus Index is provided to calculate crucial ratios for different women body sizes especially the waist-to-height-ratio which is the most important. The Venus Index is used to estimate the following ratios to help women calculate their ideal body size and shape:
If you are 65 inches tall then your WHR, HWR and SWR will be…..
HWR (Height to Waist Ratio) – to find out the ideal waist measurement for your body just multiply the height measurement in inches by 0.38 because your ideal weight according to the study carried out during the conception of this marvelous fitness program found out that your waist should be 38% of your height. Therefore for our example case the ideal HWR would be 0.38 * 65 = 24.7 or 25.
WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio) – to get your ideal hip measurement requires you to multiply the waist proportions from the HWR by 1.42. This will give you 25 * 1.42 = 35.5 or 35
SWR (Shoulder to Waist Ratio) – the shoulder to waist ratio on the other hand depends on your ideal WHR results and uses the ideal hip measurement which is multiplied by 1.618. This therefore means that with an ideal hip circumference of 35, your ideal circumference of the shoulder area should be 35 * 1.618 = 56.63. 
Leptin is the hormone that controls both men and women’s fat burning process. The Venus Factor is intended to use this combination of knowledge in helping women burn more fat naturally since it has been proven through scientific research that Leptin in the female body exists in almost double amounts compared to men. 

Leptin and Women Body Fat

It is very important that a few facts about Leptin and how it affects the metabolism in women are outlined to help you know how the Venus factor system works. First of all we know now that women have twice the amount of Leptin compared to men and this works both to their advantage and disadvantage in several ways. Although it is relatively good news to have these amounts of Leptin in their system, women struggle more with weight loss and burning excess fat because of the following reasons:
Women can have their Leptin level drop twice as fast as men and by twice the quantity when on a diet. This drop causes your metabolism to slow down considerably thus more fat is stored instead of being expelled.Secondly many women suffer a condition known as “Leptin Resistance” which means that women do not maximize the fat burning potential and loosing this fat therefore becomes a nightmare! The Venus System Leptin Diet Recommendation.
What a person eats is just as important as when they eat and the main secret of this diet is to give the body less food to generate more energy. It is basically a good eating lifestyle formulated from the Leptin studies’ results. The five rules that every Venus Factor system subscriber should follow religiously for quality and fast results include:
a) Including protein foods in your breakfast
b) Giving yourself an 11 – 12 hour break between dinner and breakfast
c) Eating dinner 3 hours before going to bed
d) Eating small meals
e) At least have 3 square meals a day
f) Eat less foods that have high carbohydrates 

Scientific Facts behind the Leptin Diet Plan Leptin does more fat burning during the night and that is why eating after dinner is not advised.Protein rich breakfasts increases the body’s metabolism for the next 12 hours by up to 30% therefore it is advised to include more cottage cheese and eggs for your breakfast.Carbohydrates only increase your metabolism by a mere 4% and therefore less quantity should be consumed especially if you are over 40 years. You should have 6 hours breaks between meals (3 meals daily) to give the liver to clear triglycerides. Snacking between meals confuses your body and causes a Leptin malfunction. 

Summary of the Venus System

The Venus Factor System is a full package that helps the subscribers to easily go through the program.
When you buy the weight loss system you get access to the main PDF manual called The Venus Factor – 12 Fat Loss System (84 pages), a workout PDF, Videos, Podcasts and a virtual nutritionist with a calories calculator. Also included here is access to an immersion community of other women with similar body weight problems to support and motivate each other. Choose what you crave but make sure the foods combined are balanced for the right outcome. Instead of doing away with some foods completely you can have portions of your favorite bites in controlled amounts. It requires a lot of discipline to follow this program keenly but the benefits are simply wonderful. The correct implementation of the Venus Factor system guides you to proper exercising and eating habits to effective reverse the buildup of Leptin Resistance.  

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