Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Great and Fun Ways on How to lose 10 pounds Fast and Hassle Free

With people nowadays becoming very particular on how they look, they are resorting to unhealthy weight losing ways. Ideally, losing weight requires a very drastic decrease in calories intake and increase in exercise. Moreover, being very keen on what you eat and being active, you will increase your chances of losing a significant amount of fats. While there are tons and tons of ways, the following are 5 and healthy ways on how to lose 10 pounds fast and hassle free.

1. To start with, set a realistic goal

Before you even start thinking what you are going to use or eat, come up with a reasonable goal. Give yourself 1 to two months. It is important you lose that extra weight the healthy way. Besides, losing weight real fast can lead to serious health problems like lower immune system.

2. Working with a friend who also wants to lose 10 pounds fast and you set a target

During this period, motivation is important. Get a friend or close relative and you set a target. You can even go ahead and you come up with some kind of a reward for the one who will lose faster than the other. The best part, it is quite easier to eat healthy and do some exercise if your wife or even close friends make similar goals.

3. Eat healthy

Watching what you eat in one major step towards dropping those excess fats that have been haunting you for years. Let vegetable and fruits take the largest share of what you eat. Nonetheless, rethink what you have been drinking. Stop taking alcohol.

4. Start walking 

If you always drive or take a cab to work, it is high time you start walking from today. It is plain and simple; by just taking a 30 minutes’ walk daily, you will be surprised on what you can achieve. However, if you cannot walk, you can replace your car with a bike. Moreover, during weekends do not just sit there; be very active and you improve your activity ratio.

5. Take adequate rest

After a hectic day in a gym, sleep it off. Research has actually shown by just taking enough rest, you will be able to hit your target within no time.
So if you have been combing through journals and books looking for ways on how to lose 10 pounds fast, now you have them. They are easy, practical and will not even take much of your time. However, if you do not know where to start, work with an expert. He or she is in a position to explain areas where you have been going wrong, and can advise on what you can start eating and do.

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